Simple and Easy Utilities Workflow Management Software


As the population grows, more demand is being placed on providers of water, power and gas.


We work with utility service providers to streamline your field activities. Using technology like workflow management systems, scheduling software to help manage and optimise your mobile workforce.


Our hand-held meter reading technologies and data processing systems are designed to be easy-to-use and robust enough to cope with huge numbers of readings every hour.



Accurate Field Data and Mobile Worker Reporting


With all the your readings gathered in a online, secure area, you’ll be able to generate accurate and timely reports, from small details, like how individual staff are performing, to broad consumption trends.


It’s an eagle-eye view that will let you manage the complexities of your business, find efficiencies, and plan for potential issues before they become a problem.


Talk to our team about our easy-to-manage systems, because in the utilities business, knowledge really

is power.



utility worker using Con-X

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