Con-X workforce mobility tool Gauge asset tracking tool Catalog - better asset utilisation tool Dialog - mobile data management tool


Managing your remote work force takes more than just scheduling software or a workflow management system.


With Con-X, you can keep track of your team’s performance while giving them a consistent workflow to follow. And that means you’ll streamline your data-entry processes and reduce overhead and errors.




With Gauge tracking your vehicles, you’ll save time and money.


The intelligent GPS tracking devices can be fitted to any of your vehicles or other mobile assets, so you’ll be able to pinpoint their exact location on your online map.





If your business manages a lot of important tools or loaned equipment, arming your mobile workforce with the right system will make everything a lot easier – for them and for you.


Catalog Asset Utilisation combines the latest wireless scanning equipment with easy-to-use data capturing software, to help you save a lot of admin time and reduce errors.






Dialog is a robust, easy-to-implement system that will let you manage both your mobile meter-reading workforce and the data they collect.


The hand-held meter-reading devices and web accessible workflow management systems give staff a simple, but intelligent workflow to follow, and make the data they collect more consistent and useful.






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