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When you have staff that work out of the office, in the field or on customer’s sites, seeing how the project is running, dispatching new jobs and reviewing completed job paperwork can be a constant challenge.


Our cornerstone product, Con-X, is a revolutionary software platform for managing the mobile workforce in any industry sector with greater efficiencies.


By customising your own job templates, Con-X saves you time and money by connecting you in the office with your mobile workforce's devices, like PDAs or mobile phones, and automatically gathering information online, safely and securely.


You'll then be able to view this data in simple, online reports, which give you a big picture of your business at the touch of a button.It also means you can ensure you live up to your service commitments with customers and regulatory bodies with proof of compliance from photographic records, to sign on glass to bar code scanning.


By integrating seamlessly with existing software systems such as third party databases, asset management and billing systems that you are already running, you'll be able to see where improvements could be made to your business's workflow, scheduling and dispatch software systems.


Con-x also helps you manage your staff with the ability to add, change, or remove any task from the workflow – all in real time. You’ll be able to measure each team member's accuracy and speed – and even double check their work.


Greater health and safety for your mobile team can be achieved by relaying risk assessments, loan worker visibility via GPS, and SOS transmission.


Best of all, as a proven software platform, you’ll discover that Con-X is simple yet very smart, detailed yet ultimately flexible.


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Con-X is our workflow management, dispatch and scheduling software, for any workforce with a mobile team - a great fit for companies large
or small.




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