Con-X interfacing ability - SAP, Netsuite, Xero, JD Edwards

Interface with existing systems


Another great bonus about Con-X is that it will interface seamlessly with existing software systems such as third party databases, asset management and billing systems that you are already running.


As an effective Job Dispatch solution, Con-X can simply become the front end to your existing systems and processes. Experience with the mobile workforce of the energy industry in particular has shown that Con-X will integrate with most major ERP systems down to bespoke company databases.


As an incredibly flexible software that is straightforward to customise and install to any business work flow, the value here is that Con-X can ensure adaptation to existing and future software systems. It can also change with customer requirements - or equally importantly - allow the gradual implementation of mobility into your business.


Without any great upheaval of any existing accounting, CRM or inventory systems, you'll be able to see where improvements could be made to your business's workflow, scheduling and dispatch software systems.


And Con-X is designed to work with any hand-held device in the field from smart phones to PDAs, Tablets, and ruggedised hand-held devices.


With multiple Web Services interfaces and flat file/excel import and export and export tools having your business connected with Con-X has never been easier. You can maintain your legacy systems simply using Con-X as your mobility front end, knowing in the future this can be changed should your business require.


Contact us for more information on how we can integrate smart Field tools easily into your business.


From SAP to Xero we have the experience to get your business mobilised fast.



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