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Improving Team Productivity


As a proven mobile workforce software platform, Con-X has been created to improve your field team’s productivity.


Often customisable within just a day to any business, in any industry, Con-X streamlines job dispatch and schedule management for mobile workforces using the combination of very powerful tools at your fingertips.


Our smart mapping software showing GPS locations of jobs and tasks enabling the ultimate route optimisation to and from jobs. Route optimization will simply take all your planned jobs and then put them into the most efficient driving or walking order for the staff you have out in the field.


Taking into account time on site to complete a task, Con-X will take care of your job scheduling with predictive job dispatch so your field team can stay on the move by having an optimal working plan for each day.






Con-X configure workflow screen

As processes change, the Con-X job dispatch platform changes with them. As soon as you see something needing done or needing action then Con-X can allow you to update workflow templates for the field team – and enables the results of completed tasks sent back to base to keep every one up to date!


With Con-X you can select a job and not only be shown where in the country (or even the world!) the job is located, but also the best person to give the job to.


The result is that you will be able to invoice up to 20% more time by staff not having to return to the office to receive new job tasks and download results of completed tasks. That's 45 minutes to one hour driving to the office twice a day has turned into productive, billable time with Con-X.


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