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With Gauge tracking your vehicles, you’ll save time and money.


The intelligent GPS tracking devices can be fitted to any of your vehicles or other mobile assets, so you’ll be able to pinpoint their exact location on your online map.


This isn’t just valuable information for your asset manager, it’ll also help manage your mobile workforce.

Since you can pinpoint the exact location of every vehicle you’ll keep your staff on task and on time, get to them faster if something goes wrong, and identify potentially dangerous driving habits.


The Gauge system also lets you access important information about each of your vehicles, so you know when it needs a service, a new warrant, or how many kilometres it’s gone.


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Key Features


View the historical or real time movement of your vehicles from any web accessible location.

Keep track or service, WOF and vehicle mileage with a comprehensive set of reports.

Key Benefits


Ensure your team are at the right place at the right time.

Respond to customers faster by pin pointing the best person for the job.


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