Meter reader using Dialog data recording device



Dialog is a robust, easy-to-implement system that will let you manage both your mobile meter-reading workforce and the data they collect.


The hand-held meter-reading devices and web accessible workflow management systems give staff a simple, but intelligent workflow to follow, and make the data they collect more consistent and useful.


Collected online, this data can be turned into accurate and timely reports at the touch of a button. You’ll be able to see everything from broad trends in attainment, right down to how each staff member is performing.


dialog gives you a true insight into your meter reading business helping you find efficiencies and plan for growth or in managing compliance.


Talk to the team at e-merge to find out how you can improve your meter-reading quality and productivity with dialog.






Key Features


Advanced read validation on handheld device

Comprehensive timely alerts on the back office server of reading irregularities

Key Benefits


Customers have already seen attainment gains extending to 99% and billing speed increases of 1/2 days



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