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Con-X: Advanced Job Dispatch and Workflow Management System


Advanced Job Dispatch and Workflow Management System


With Con-X, you can keep track of your team’s performance using work flows you have created. And that means you’ll streamline your data-entry processes and reduce overhead and errors.


Improve team productivity

Maximise service quality

Expand your service portfolio

Achieve commercial compliance

Support your health and safety initiatives

Interface with your existing systems

Fit any industry and market


Powerful Workflow Creation Tool

The power is in your hands. Mould and shape the workflow system to suit any field process, whether you need to capture geo-spatial information, photos or job notes.


All of your team's results are then stored securely online so you can access useful, accurate reports in real time, while also tracking and managing your team’s tasks.


Your mobile workers deserve the best

With Con-X, you’ll be sending your staff out into the field with the right tools, which will make both of your jobs a whole lot easier.





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Key Features


Create and send your job forms online for your team to use in the field.

Dispatch, review and respond to field activities as they happen.

Key Benefits


You’re not out of pocket – no computers to support or upgrade, just a flexible monthly fee.

Be hassle free – keep connected from anywhere at any time. We host the technology so you’re free to run your business.

Customers have already seen billing speed increases of 1/2 days.

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