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If you have a mobile work force or facilities in different locations, keeping track of things can be difficult without the help of remote monitoring, job dispatch software or a good workflow management system.


e-merge Data Solutions was started to equip utilities service providers with technology and software to manage metre-reading staff workflow, their mobile devices and the huge amount of information these mobile workers were gathering.


We’ve drawn from this 20 + years of field experience and the expertise of our international team to help any business save time and money – whether that’s with workflow management, job dispatch or scheduling software, or monitoring your remote locations.


Our easy-to-manage systems connect your business’s information-gathering tools, like mobile phones, PDAs, or remote sensors to each other, and to your base. It’s in this way that the information gathered in the field is made instantly available to you in useful, accurate and up-to-the-minute reports.


Whether your company is big or small, talk to us – our easily implemented solutions can give you insight into your business, so you can keep things running like clockwork.









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